The ESL Teaching Pack by Kids' Factory

The Teaching Pack by Patricia Johnston & Denise Werlé
Illustrations by Solika O'Neill

The Teaching Pack provides additional materials for home or classroom use and is divided into four parts: (available only in French).

Artistic activities that help children visualize what they learn in the songs. These will also be used in linguistic exercises and art activities.

Linguistic activities to build understanding and promote oral expression. Includes indoor and outdoor games and activities for groups or individuals. All the songs can be transformed into skits or musicals.

Cultural activities to sensitize children to the culture of English-speaking countries, small vignettes presented in French.

A French/English glossary of classroom room English, expressions to be used regularly in class or at home.

An audio guide to pronunciation and additional artistic activities are available for free download from the site.



Activities & free songs:

Simple scores :

Lyrics in English:

Volume 1  Volume 2   Volume 3

Christmas Chant (doc)

A Few Demonstrations


Listen to children from the Paris Kindergarten Mademoiselle (Paris XV)

Watch "This is a Cat!" sung in a Paris Kindergarten (wmv) (mov)

A few teacher and parent comments

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Many thanks to the A and B classes at the Markaki School of languages in Heraklion, Crete for this extraordinary interpretation of the MILKSHAKE BLUES !




Listen:  Maternelle Mademoiselle (Paris XV)

Watch :  "This is a Cat!" sung by kindergarten children (wmv) (mov)  

Comments from parents, teachers, children