Musicals for Young People in French

Kids' Factory's Musicals: Written and composed by Laurent Grynszpan

All musicals are in French and for children age 8 and up, professional & semi-professional choirs, instrumentalists, theatre troups or performing arts programs. To find out more about these programs, rental and/or purchase of scores, please visit Taklit.


A la Recherche des Etoiles (Searching for Stars)  A Musical in French for all ages by Laurent Grynszpan. A work of fiction based on the true experience of a 12-year old Jewish girl in Paris in 1942 and a tribute to those who show courage in the face of violence and treachery, an hommage those who save them.
For solo voices, children’s choir, piano, oboe, cello, contrebass



Le Sculpteur de Songes (The Dream Sculptor) or, "how a grandson deals with the memories of his immigrant grandfather". For solo voices, children's choir, piano, violin and cello. (In French only).

L'Orchestre Funambule  A tribute to the American soldier Joseph Schlesinger, landed at Utah Beach and all the Allies and resistance forces that liberated the world of Nazi barbarism. A musical tale for chamber orchestra and children's voices. (Available only in French).
Commissioned by the Conservatoire d'Orsay, France